Swimming pool


En el hotel hay una piscina 6,5 mx 17 m tamaño, profundidad de 1,1 m a 1,4 m.

La piscina está abierta desde las 7:30 hasta las 21:30¹.

¹ The times given are permanent opening hours of the swimming pool. Please check the availability in the calendar for possible exclusive rents.

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Wet sauna

Sauna húmedo

Sauna a partir de 50 º. C y termina 90 º aroung. C. Usted puede verter agua sobre las piedras y la humedad alcanzan un 25-40%. sauna húmedo es más amigable para el consumo humano de sauna seca.

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Steam bath

Steam Bath

The steambath has a refreshing effect and has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Waves of steam penetrate the skin,They thoroughly cleanse, moisturize and regenerate itThe skin becomes smooth and firm.High humidity and moderate temperature reduce muscle tension and relax the mind.

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Ice rink

Pista de hielo

En invierno hay pista de hielo de 20 mx 25 m de tamaño bajo el techo.

It’s open from beginning of December to the end of February¹ in hours between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm² ³

¹ If the outside temperature stays below 0 ° C, the ice rink may last longer (both at the beginning of the season and at the end). We will provide current information on our website.
² The times given are permanent opening hours of the ice rink. Please check the availability of the ice rink in calendar for possible exclusive rents.
³ Technical break between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

More information on the website

Rent a bike

Bicycles can be rented at the hotel

Price for rent: 50 PLN/day

Rent an electric bike

Electric bicycle can be rented at the hotel

Price for rent: 100 PLN /day