Muzeum w Oświęcimiu

The site of one of history’s most horrific crimes Auschwitz – Birkenau embodies tragedy, inhumanity and the survival of the will.
Today the museum stands testament to the inconceivable atrocities of the Second World War while paying tribute to the thousands of lives unjustly taken within.

Kopalnia soli w Wieliczce

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of Europe’s oldest functioning underground facilities. Started in th early Middle Ages, the mine attracts thousands of tourists each year.
Visitors will be awestruck by the chapels, reliefs and freestanding sculptures carved from salt rock walls, in addition saline underground lakes and archaeological displays.


Kazimierz, established in the 14th century, became the historical centre of Krakow’s Jewish religious and social life. During WW II most of the Jewish population was exterminated and only a few survivors remained. The district became internationally known when Steven Spielberg used it for his location shots in the Oscar winning film „Schindler’s List’: Nowadays, it attracts tourists wit h its unique synagogues, cemeteries, narrow streets and a number of bohemian bars.